• A Practical Buying Guide for Family Cars

    Purchasing any particular type of vehicle can be somewhat complicated in many ways. Now, if your family is growing and you would like to ensure that you’ll be able to bring everybody with you on any family trip or gathering you have in mind, you absolutely want to obtain access to a car that will not only accommodate every member of the family but will as well meet your expectations right?

    The major goal of this guide is to allow you to obtain more information in choosing the appropriate car that will suit you and your growing family. Let’s start with the basics…

    What You Should Consider When Choosing the Best Car

    1. Car Safety

    If you want to ensure that your family is safe whenever you’re on the road with them, you should consider looking for the safest cars which can keep you safe from any particular type of collision and at the same time encompasses the technology to prevent you from running into any type of road accident.

    Vehicles that are proven to pass safety tests are the ones that get the highest ratings from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

    2. Convenient and Suitable Car Seat Set-up for Kids and Adults

    The best way to maximize the use of your seating capacity in whatever vehicle you choose it determine the flexibility and combinations of the various seating positions possible in a car. To make this happen, you should look for a vehicle that doesn’t have seatbelt overlapping. You should also consider where to place the seats for your kids wherein the center seat of the vehicle should be wide enough to install a narrow booster seat. And for older kids and adults, the center seat should have head rests and restraints for added safety.

    Discover the Best Seats for Your Family

    Probably you’re wondering what could be the best car options that will ensure you not only the safety of your family when traveling but their comfort as well. Well, as long as the vehicle meets the criteria mentioned beforehand, then you can assure yourself that you are on the right path to finding the appropriate car for your growing family.

    So, this just means that if the vehicle you are looking at doesn’t meet the criteria mentioned above or some are not met, then that just means that you will be compromising the safety and comfort of the passengers in your car and this is not the best car for you.

    Having a car is definitely a long term investment for the whole family. It’s essential that you don’t only choose one because of an advertisement or because everybody talks about it. Choose wisely by knowing what you should consider beforehand and try to compare your options. You may find a variety of options from sedans, SUVs, minivans, wagons and trucks. However, you should always keep in mind not only the benefits that you can obtain from the vehicle you choose and how safe the vehicle will be for your family.

    Although most of us consider our budget as the first thing to look into when purchasing a car, it will still be a perfect advantage for you to know more about the vehicle your eyeing on before you decide spending your hard earned cash on it.



    I wanted to let you know that Only The Mighty has been nominated for
    – Recording of the Year
    – New Artist Recording of the Year
    – Female Artist Recording of the Year
    – Folk Recording of the Year
    – SOCAN Songwriter of the Year
    – Entertainer of the Year


    Dale Murray who produced, mixed, engineered and played everything on was nominated for Producer of the Year. YES!

    I am so, so excited about this. Can’t believe it. What an overwhelming amount of lovely recognition for something I am so connected to and so proud of.

    You can vote for entertainer of the year here! It is me and a bunch of famous people so give your little underdog a nod 🙂

    love kim


    Gridlock Festival is so close! July 8-10th in Halifax! Look at this super sweet line up. I am sunstroke stoked to play.

  • My Media


    The mightiest voice coming out of the east coast

    – Holly Gordon, CBC Music

    Only the Mighty is a big, open-hearted record that encompasses close-knit intimacy and emotions as big as all outdoors, reflected in songs like In the Woods and Lost in the Wild, which spring from a childhood spent growing up amid the majestic surroundings of western Newfoundland.

    – Stephen Cooke, Arts Reporter, The Chronicle Herald

    Grace, beauty and a playful exploration of the essence of life are the messages to be found through the medium of Kim Harris’ extraordinary voice

    – Tim Merricks, Americana UK

    Debut album Only The Mighty announces the arrival of Kim Harris in striking fashion. She possesses a strong and clear vocal style, and her well-crafted compositions mix folk and pop elements with finesse.

    – Kerry Doole, New Canadian Music


    2015 East Coast Music Awards
    Rising Star Recording of the Year

    2014 Nova Scotia Music Awards
    SOCAN Songwriter of the Year for The Weight of it All
    Female Recording of the Year
    New Artist Recording of the Year

Kim Harris - Music for children