• Car Safety Tips in Colorado to Keep Kids Safe When Traveling

    baby in a car seat

    Mostly our dear parents are concerned with regards to the safety of their precious kids when traveling with them as anything could happen while they’re on the road. If you’re one of those parents who travel most of the time in Colorado together with your kids and you want to have additional knowledge about keeping your kids save while traveling by car, here are a few tips that you should start looking upon.

    • To rest assure that your kids are seated securely in your car, you might as well need to have an understanding of the progression of moving your young ones from a particular seat and after having to upgrade the seat to another. Young children within the ages of 4 to 8 are then required to utilize the appropriate seat for them and for the older ones a booster seat.
    • Children who are below 8 years old should always be seated safely on their seats with restraint.
    • On the other hand, newborns up until the age of 1or weighs for about 20 lbs are supposed to be placed in seats facing the rear side of your own vehicle.

    As per the American Academy of Pediatrics, it’s absolutely safer for parents or guardians to place their own kids on seats which faces the rear view of their own car up to the time they reach the age of 2 or probably up to the maximum given weight as well as height limit of a particular seat.

    Ages of 1 year old and 4 years old should be restrained on a seat that faces forward

    Children who are then between the ages of 1 year old and 4 years old should be restrained on a seat that faces forward which also includes a 5-point harness security system featuring a couple of straps on the shoulders, as well as straps on the hip and a strap on the crotch area. This is required until your own youngster reaches the weight limit of at least 40 lbs. Take note that there are seats which require a weight limit that’s higher than others. You still can definitely utilize the seat up to its maximum limit for safety purposes.

    Children who are at the age of 4 and those who are 8 years of age should still be placed on restrained seats while the older kids should be in booster seats. To maximize safety features of these seats, children should at least be seated in the back seat and at the same time restrained on this type of seat until they are 4 feet and 9 inches tall. Older kids at the age of eight and sixteen should still be restrained on their seats with a seatbelt.

    Have the kids seated in the back seat of your car up to the time they reach 13 and once they weigh 100 pounds. If your young teenager insists to stay in the front, ensure that the seat is set at its safe distance from the air bag of your vehicle just in case you encounter any collision while on the road.

    1. First things first when traveling with kids, you should prioritize their safety. As per checking statistics on road accidents, vehicular collisions more likely cause numerous deaths of children as compared to other cause of their death. It’s necessary that as a parent, you ensure that you are utilizing the appropriate seat for your child and have it installed correctly as well.
    2. There are ways on how to confirm correct installation of these seats for your children. You can either call or send an email to the Children’s Hospital in Colorado to get a seat chec
      k scheduled for your vehicle.