• Choosing the Best Stroller and Car Seat Combo

    A baby travel system is a car seat and stroller combo, where the infant safety seat is specifically designed for newborns and usually babies up to six months old. It’s a convenient set that comes with a car seat that you can attach to a stroller smoothly. You can easily transfer your little one to and from your vehicle without disturbing them while they sleep. Any parents would know that waking up a baby is the last thing you want.

    Why you Should Buy a Travel System

    Travel Systems

    Typically, most parents think of purchasing a baby car seat as the family’s travel companion. They also buy a must-have stroller separately. Purchasing a car seat and stroller combo means you will not interrupt your baby’s nap time too much when moving him from place to place. Not only will it make your life easier, but it will save your budget as well.

    Another thing worth noting is that compared to a travel system, many strollers out there do not provide enough neck and head support your baby needs. The car seat is designed to provide ample support to your baby for up to six months. As your little angel grows older, his tummy muscles, back, and neck will strengthen. He would also be curious about his surroundings. During this time, you will be able to conveniently use the stroller from your travel system without the seat attached to it.

    Things you Need to Consider

    Buy parts separately or a combo?

    A travel system comes with three parts, the stroller, infant car seat, and base where the seat fastens into for use in your car. Buying a car seat and stroller combo can save you more than buying them separately. Furthermore, the parts are meant to fit and work well together. The trick here is to ensure you like both the car seat and stroller.

    Depending on how fast your child grows and his size, he will begin to outgrow the seat at around 10 to 14 months. On the other hand, you will be able to use the stroller until his toddler phase. So when it comes to longevity of use, it is essential that you’re more satisfied with the stroller. However, when it comes to your infant’s safety, the seat is where you’ll have the most critical decision to make.

    If you see a car seat that you find adorable and a stroller that’s more practical, you can buy them separately. But be careful, always check their compatibility, and if there’s an adaptor available that will work with them.